Sven Strömqvist

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Sven Strömqvist

Sven Strömqvist
Centre for languages and literature
University of Lund        
P.O. Box 201
SE-221 00 LUND
tel +46 (0)703454532
fax +46 46-2224210
E-Mail: Sven.Stromqvistling.luse

Current Research Interests, Activities and Commitments

I have a broad interest in language, communication and thought, in language learning and learning difficulties. I’m keen to see more empirical and quantitative methods used in the scientific study of these areas. Also, I’m keen to see more cooperation across academic disciplines to identify and solve problems of both theoretical and societal importance. I firmly believe that the University is a wonderful place for creating a felicitous mix of research, education and creative and critical exploration of various aspects of the human being and her conditions. I am scientific director of the Humanities laboratory (Humanistlaboratoriet) at Lund university, an advanced infrastructural resource for students, teachers and researchers interested in  culture, communication and cognition.

I currently coordinate two research projects – one on language and thought and one comparing visual reading (in sighted people) in real time with tactile reading (in blind people) in real time. Together with my colleagues Peter Gärdenfors (cognitive science; principal investigator), Germund Hesslow (experimental medicine), Magnus Lindgren (Psychology) and Birgitta Sahlén (Logopedics, phoniatrics and audiology) I have recently started the research program ”Thinking in time: cognition, communication and learning” for which we have received a so-called Linneaus grant for the ten-year-period 2008-2017.

Last summer I finally managed to finish a book I’ve been writing for a long time. The book is in Swedish and the title is ”Språkets öga. Om vägarna mellan tankar och ord”  It will be available around the turn of the year (Studentlitteratur).